VDL VDS Technische Industrie

VDL VDS Technische Industrie combines cutting, bending and forming processes in a single tool, and can also add extra parts such as nuts or inserts or, for example, wire shapes in the die. In this way, we keep within minimum tolerances, reduce the chance of errors, increase the speed, guarantee reproducible high quality and keep the cost price as low as possible.

Medium and large series

VDL VDS Technische Industrie is specialised in medium and large series of sometimes simple but usually complex metal parts, single or combined, for which minimum tolerances apply. A significant part of our order portfolio consists of external parts that must be finished to high aesthetic standards.

Total packaging

Due to the broad spectrum of disciplines on offer, customers experience VDL VDS as a one-stop-shop for a wide diversity of metal and mechanical processes. In addition, we create joints by means of welding, gluing and riveting. Surface treatments and fitting also count among our frequent operations.


The majority of our products are exported, also outside Europe. We ensure a responsible annual growth in turnover by continuous investment in automation and robotics.

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